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Classified Ads
Post your stuff for sale FREE!
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Event Calendar
Add your concert, recital or event on the calendar.
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Trumpet Teacher Database
You can search for a teacher or register if you are taking students. A great resource for all.
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Trumpet Chat
You can join the Chat Room and talk to other players in real time. Very Geeky! 7PM Central Time
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The Instrument Auction
We have added this section to our site in order to continue to meet the expectations of our visitors. You can buy and sell on the FREE auction!
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T-Shirts, Mousepads, Coffe Mugs & More!
Show the world that you're proud to be a member of the genus "Geekus Trumpetus".
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The Directory of Trumpet Web Sites
One of the largest if not THE largest Search Engine & Directory specifically for Trumpet Players! Find instrument manufacturers, mouthpiece makers, music stores, players.
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Are You A Trumpet Geek?
All you need to learn about spotting Geekus Trumpetus in the wild. This tutorial is written in simple language and diagrams to ease the mind.
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The Schools
Are you looking around for a college? Here's one of the largest lists of colleges and universities listed by state.
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Trumpet Geek Equipment
We have searched far and wide to bring you the hippest and Geekiest equipment to make you a better player. And even though you may not play better, at least you'll look good!
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The Toons
A collection of some of the most hilarious trumpet cartoons exclusive to TGI!
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The Discussion Forums
Are you having problems with your playing? Do you have any ideas that other visitors can benefit from? Visit the Message Board, post a message or view what the other Geeks say.
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Music Store
Thousands of musical products!
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Trumpet Articles
Find the answers to your questions here.
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Trumpet Resources
Standard Repertoire, Method Books, etc.
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